About The Company (Thomas Cook Retail Ltd)

Thomas Cook Retail Limited was the UK travel agent, and successor to Thomas Cook & Son stores.

It was a subsidiary of the Thomas Cook Group, who operated a total of 555 travel stores all over the United Kingdom, employing over 9,000 staff.

The agents primarily sold package holidays under the in-house British tour operator Thomas Cook Tour Operations, and flight-only bookings with the groups airline, Thomas Cook Airlines. 

This business, along with other Thomas Cook subsidiaries went into compulsory liquidation on September 23rd, 2019.




Following their 555 store closure, Hays Travel, another British travel agency, stepped  onto the scene, and acquired all 555 stores in a deal made on the 9th October 2019.  


Most of the stores have since been rebranded, but with Hays Travel having a similar brand scheme, the stores can still be recognised with the distinctive blue and sunburnt yellow.

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